Property rights are one of several human rights. But like all rights, it can't be absolute. One right occasionally bumps against another. Both can't be realized. Some compromise needs to be reached. Good judgment will determine the right balance and good people will disagree about where that fulcrum should be placed.

You assume that material goods are produced by an individual. This isn't the case. Just think of all the people that were needed in order for you to think your thoughts, put them into words, compose them in sentences, sit in a room to send the message, use a machine to send it, have a functioning power grid, etc. We live on the shoulders of past generations whose contributors were those who raised children, dug trenches, ran businesses and so forth. The same for the world today.

Darwin pointed out that humans have two instincts: self-preservation and the impulse to help. Good people and good societies try to find the proper balance.