Reading your article reminded me so much of the nauseating corporate bullshit messages previous employers of mine used to use in the belief that the forced increase in a person's self-esteem would subsequently lead to an increase in performance. Utterly flawed from the start and disrespectful at best seeing as their ultimate goal was increased output, not personal development.

"Perfection is expected. Excellence will be tolerated." proclaimed one expensively framed poster on the wall. Until I smashed it and put it in the bin. (Ssshh don't tell them!)

This kind of corporate strategy nonsense is so detrimental to its workforce. Well, aside from the narcissistic perpetual "yes" folk who are hellbent on getting that promotion regardless of how much of their soul they give up to the Devil or who they tread on in the process.

Clues in the name. Self-esteem. Self-development. Self. It's only through personal reflection and insight that a person can reasonably feel comfortable to confront something about themselves they wish to change. Yes, trusted and professional others can help in that process, but the simple instruction to "improve your self-esteem" will always fail and as the author highlights, is totally counterintuitive.

I feel the most important thing is to drown out the buzz of messages from less significant others in our lives. Learn who you can trust for a solid nonjudgmental second perspective (factoring in the potential for bias) and then do the ultimate test - face the mirror. Ask yourself, am I truly content with me? The mirror never lies.