the artist should have no responsibility to anyone but him/herself imo

people always suffer somewhere. the world didn't all start suffering in 2019. with corona.
comparably, when one looks at ongoing wars in Africa, Middle East and Asia the number of people who suffered, died from preventable diseases, hunger is much higher than Europe, Australia, North America combined, if one talks about 'the whole world suffering'.

so there is always some suffering.

if everyone does their part, there is no need for heroes. if they don't, why put one's own life on pause and volunteer for those people anyway? their life and wellbeing and time is not more important than one's own life and wellbeing and time

great artist can make a lousy community worker and vice versa. long time ago i have worked for a person who did tremendous work in child social services and she was disillusioned after 50 years, considering really it was all in vain and totally useless - for real, not in jest

there are people well paid to rebuild cities, paid to work on providing food, companies who get a generous tax relief from donating supplies, people paid from the taxes on artists' income, too, so the client from your story is rebuilding the city anyway

another thing is if is she is rethinking her career and coronavirus is not causation but correlation