My daughter was diagnosed in 2nd grade with an emotional disability. She is highly sensitive and very very stubborn. She sees "negotiation" as a bribe and refuses even further because she finds it patroniszing. Almost always, there is nothing that will motivate her to do something because what she wants more than anything is to not do whatever it is. Early on, I tried punishment, which made everything worse. She would be in a dark depression for days when combatted with negativity and everyone would be miserable. The only hope I have found over the years (she is now 17) is keeping her positive. Waking her in the morning with a smile and a song and keeping her moving along her day. I try to parent by example and sometimes things don't get done when I want them to. Placing her in a home school environment where she is away from negative children and negative teachers has been a great help. I have fostered her "artistic" side and she has been able to express herself through her art. I would like to know how to help her through life like this because most people are of the "do what your told and suck it up" mentality.

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