Today while driving my wife to the cemetery to see her Dad and Mom's grave, I made the mistake of speeding up to pass someone when they blinked instead of doing what my wife wanted, to slow down. This led to her accusing me of a crime against her by my driving and getting away with other crimes when driving during my commute. Then she continued by telling me how prideful I was to not admit I'm the worst driver and show my humility. My cleanliness was then disparaged and she told me I was turning into my father (who passed 18 months ago) and that I'm not the same man she married 8 years ago and if she met me like I am now she would never marry me. The Church we attend, the priest delivered a homily that was horrible and he's not a good priest and if I continue to go there then I believe everything he espouses and she can never be with me because I don't keep my room clean and don't shower often enough. I don't sing to her either...just a little glimpse into my day today. I left for 4 hours after that to cool off.