Reading some supplemental articles gave me the chills. It explains almost everything. I probably have the opposite of BPD. I was an easy going A- Student, B+ athlete, B+ financial who has been very trusting of everyone. I did have a hard time connecting with women because my very premature balding (22 I was like Gerald Ford) so meeting my wife at 28, losing virginity, starting a family was a relief. All I really know of women is my wife although my interactions with others tells me it is not always the case. She conflicts with me, employers(has not worked much despite MBA), even on phone to bank or Amazon for returns a lot of insecurity and now I know. I will be more empathetic and I was definitely the enabler. My daughters(now grown) used to say "don't let her talk to you like that", and "you are letting it happen". Funny thing on surface my life has worked so well I ignored this very important component(have had almost no sex for past 20 yrs now 65 as every time I tried to set the scenario she would sabotage it at 10PM so just stopped trying. It is so clear now and I should have been much more assertive