If a person does great work, but then fails to ensure that work is entrenched after that person is no longer able to do the work, means the work itself isn’t enough to claim success.

If a person clings on to a position of fame and power long after they have any effect in that position, and in particular long after that position can be filled by someone of equal morality and power, they leave their work Vulnerable. Their work simply isn’t done yet.

It astounds me that in this period of particular focus on the disease of narcissism, that only one narcissist is being considered in the national conversation. By clinging on to power long after it was warranted, RBG has deflated all her work into the position where her replacement can nullify all of it within months.

Why, oh why, is Trump called a narcissist for wanting too much power, and RBG isn’t? Famous jurists publicly called for her to resign in 2012/13, (something nobody in the media will mention today) for precisely the reason we are facing today, she was already 79yo then!

RBG was an Uber-narcissist to hold on to power when it was clear to all that her work was defeatable once a conservative President was installed. She knew she was playing fast and loose with the SCOTUS, and she placed her own fame above that. It’s flabbergasting to me that folks can’t see that. As flabbergasting as seeing the mute response to Brazile’s revelation that Hillary’s campaign team was 100% male, and the only female employed directly by Hillary was her event secretary...

Until we defeat hypocrisy, we will never defeat narcissism. Fix Hypocrisy first, then narcissism will fall all by itself without any pushing.