First, what I see in your note is a mom who loves her son. That is a beautiful foundation for your son and for you. It is also clear that in taking care of your son, his sensitivity and emotional responses are exhausting. You are doing so much to take care of him...and your response is a very essential part of his early care. He is lucky to have you as a mom. I can help with a few thoughts and pieces of information that may help as you journey through this part of his development. First, there are specific reasons and needs that are leading to his sensitivity and his waking. You are doing everything he needs.. being with him, comforting him. Whatever is leading to his waking...these responses, in the long run are needed and helpful. But, you, too, need to make this part of the journey one that is manageable for you give to your son, you need also to create a care environment that is good for you. I would recommend looking at the very supportive websites by two of our authors, Sarah [] and Helen []. Take each day at a time... you are giving so much love to your son and all will be worth that effort. MAke sure he is well; find rest when you can, respite with help from others; talk with others on these sites... it will get easier... even though right now you are so tired. Both of these sites have options for asking questions. I hope this helps as you give your child so much care.