You forget that this is a blog, an opinion piece, not an article for a scientific journal. It's impossible (and unreadable) in a blog to cite every study or viewpoint and nuance that an academic journal might expect.

It is fine to want only experimental studies to be cited and evidence from decades of proper study. But then go read science academic journals.

But I too get frustrated that so many one-time studies are presented in popular press magazines as generalizable to all human beings, when they were done in a small university with 20 sophomores from the USA.

But the converging evidence on mammalian and human childrearing is increasingly clear that the practices that violate evolved caregiving practices that evolved 30 million years ago with the social mammals matter greatly for health. My colleagues and I are finding that they matter for psychosocialmoral development too.

It's not a matter of "science or religion". Life is much more complicated than that. There is much we know that science cannot address. Those who study breastfeeding these days say that about breastmilk. We need much more attention to the science, as you say, but also to keep our heads and not expect science to be able tell us what we should already know. There are many things in nature that cannot be scientifically studied. The trick is to know when we need an experiment and when we do not.