You really think formula is a good first choice for babies? Please read our series of 9 posts where we discuss formula and breastfeeding. Here is the last one that has links to the rest:

Randomized experimental trials for breastfeeding vs formula in humans would be unethical. So we take the evidence where we can.

There is something wrong with a scientific approach that thinks it has to be proven with randomized experiments that a paltry human-made substance doesn't match up with the elixir of human breast milk (thousands of ingredients in the right proportions for that particular baby to build the brain, body, immune system). This is crazy scientism. Science is meant to serve us and give insights into what we don't know. It would be foolish to think that we don't know that breastmilk is better than formula. There is a lot of misinformation though that leads people to think there isn't much difference.

Yes, the formula companies keep adding a new ingredient every now and then and touting it but formula remains MILLIONS of miles away from breastmilk. It is human hubris to think that humans can formulate something equivalent or even close.

In case anyone else reading this is interested, here is a slide show comparing formula and breastfeeding put together by my students:

As we say in the last post (link above), formula is good for emergencies but we fail our children if we reach for it first.
Our society needs to provide more options for breastmilk and breastfeeding and more support for babies, moms and families.