on the contrary, i-and i would suspect there are many others like me-aren't lying to ourselves about our "unhealthy" habits. we're lying to others, bc it makes you sound like a hedonistic asshole to say "i do it bc i like it and genuinely do not give a fuck about what you or anyone else thinks", bc to live one's life with pleasure in the forefront, instead of as an alleged added benefit to living the kind of lifestyles we're supposed to recognize are the only acceptable kind of to eschew altogether as immoral, is taboo in our culture and has been from the time of the puritans. i don't lie anymore; when ppl ask me "why do you still smoke? why do you do drugs? why don't you eat healthier?", i say "bc i fucking enjoy it and while it may shock and appall you, i don't give two shits about living a long healthy life, you absolute fucking oaf." which they can conveniently dismiss as "denial", bc that word can be applied to any behavior in others that one dislikes and doesn't understand. i'll leave you with a quote by the medieval physician, astronomer, mathematician, and all around brilliant individual avicenna- "i would rather live a short life with width than a narrow one with length". we do be out here, not trying to see how long we can make our bodies live but thoroughly enjoying the pleasures they afford us while we can. also fuck any and all 12-step groups, are brainwashing, exploitative cults *really* better than getting fucking shitfaced?