I am 62, which means I grew up without today's technology. I am talking about a rural party line (where several neighbors shared a single phone line). We had no computers in school, and no plumbing in two of the grades that I attended (outdoor toilets no heat - Michigan).

Fast forward to today, and I love technology. I don't miss a clanging house phone, enjoy having my own private cell number, prefer texting, and love having broadband access to the internet. Why? Because now I can really control my social dosage and sort what is a priority, and what is not. I can put my energies towards things and people that are more important to me, and considering that I have a lot more life behind me than ahead - that is very important to me at this stage in life.

One reason for my high appreciation of IT technology is that I knew life without it. Of course I did not know the difference, but now that I do, I will take today's technology over the past. I appreciated technology as computers replaces the ear busting teletypes that ran non stop in the communications rooms during my military career. As they were ripped out and replaced with computers I no longer had to wear hearing protection during a 12 hours shift so as not to lose my hearing as banks of teletypes ran non stop at hearing damage decibels. Even being able to communicate via email while underway was a huge improvement to snail mail.

As I age and if I become disabled and unable to get out, I won't sit at home in isolation, I can still reach out to the wider world and get my social needs met. When my own Mother was unable to travel any longer, she followed my sister and I on Facebook and could take in all our adventures. This helped break her isolation and improved her morale to a high degree.

Through social media I have meet relatives that I probably never would have known, and use it to plan travel. If you have an internet connection the world is at your fingertips, and I like that, relative to the past.

For me information technology is positive and would not want to be without it.