I really liked the way this article presented this whole dynamic. I can see how a single person could gain a lot of insight into the other person based on their thinking of risk-taking. It would be a little scary if they wanted to throw caution to the wind and jump in the sack after only a few days of interaction. But, if the other person was willing to do a risk-assessment after really getting to know each other and discuss the level of daily exposure to other people in their lives, they may determine the risk in minimal. Florida has one of the biggest problems with COVID infection spread. 1 out of every 52 Floridians are infected. The infection rate is not as bad in other areas. Both parties should want some assurance that it's worth the risk. In other words, they'd want to know that there is a strong chance that they've found someone that is willing to commit to a serious relationship. You don't want to risk getting infected for a one night stand.