The types of things around you that draw your attention may change. If you are inward-focusing, thinking about work or relationships or health or whatever, you may not even notice what is around you. This has happened to me many times. Even in my therapist's office. I had been seeing her for 8 months. One day I walked in and the whole office appeared to have been re-organized. The wall of bookshelves now contained labeled baskets instead of stacks of books and stuff. So much neater. I complimented her and she looked puzzled. She said everything was exactly the same as it had always been, including the baskets.

I have also driven down the street I have lived on for 6 years, and traveled often for decades prior to that. All of a sudden, I don't recognize anything. I would swear I've never been on that street before. Totally confusing. I have driven to my mother's house (where I was raised) and not been sure which house it was. Nothing had changed except I was terribly distracted by stressful life events and on a new medication.

Even in my own apartment I used to have difficulty finding the front door. There was only one door. I was so obsessed with thinking about my job and responsibilities that everything not related to that went temporarily into some mental waste basket.

When I'm sleeping well, not taking antipsychotics, and keep down the stress level, I never have these "events."