I have been wanting to contact someone with not only an interest in ESP but who has done research and published papers concerning the proof of its existence. I believe I have information on ESP that you may find valuable but I don’t know what the implications would be and how people will react considering that the vast majority of my experience and knowledge has negative connotations in respect to how ESP is used. I also believe that our world history has evidence of ESP and it has been in practice for a millennium and it usually never favors those on the receiving end. It is very evident in your rigorous lab-based results and published works that you do not need a lecture on the existence of psi phenomena. Your work is what brought me to you and I hope that because of the time you have spent on your work it will kindle interest in what I have to tell you.
I have proof that there are types of surveillances which are being conducted for intelligence gathering purposes and psychological warfare occurring here in the United States and that involves the practice of ESP, including Remote Viewing and Telepathy. This includes reading minds, listening to thoughts, seeing through the eyes of an individual(s). This can and normally involves many people at the same time. At any given moment an individual may have a dozen or more people reading his/her mind. I have confronted a couple individuals who using ESP on me; reading/hearing my thoughts, seeing what I was doing, and saying all they could to drive me crazy. What they told me was how they were able to hear my thoughts and why they were able to do this to me.
I wanted to reach out to you because you are someone of integrity and respect within the scientific community and I feel that you would be able to lend more validity in my claim with much better results than I ever could.
Please let me know if you receive this. I’d like to make contact with someone and posting what I know on social media would probably land me in a looney bin if not worse!
Thank you for your time,
Ryan King