I have this problem. If it weren't for the internet I wouldn't have ever faced it. Thank you for the article. I wish there was more out there, though. But, alas, it was actually reaching out to 'real' people that had lasting help.
I'm not "cured" ... I got very angry when I read that "John" took so few sessions to move on. I've worked on this in therapy for a year or maybe a little more. I went most every week. Maybe my therapist could have used a different approach. I don't know. But it wasn't until after I attempted suicide and a psychiatrist told me straight up that I'm not a pedophile, that it's OCD, that I started to feel better. My treatment team started to tell me that they cared about me and that I'm really a good person. They shared their evidence for these opinions. This POCD crap made me feel so subhuman and worthless. I needed someone to show me the other side and tell me they didn't hate me for my thoughts. In the few articles I could find on POCD and Pure-O issues, the theories state that reassurance is a bad idea. I don't think so, at least not for everyone. I've had a few "OCD attacks" since the reassurance started but it's nothing compared to the constant torture that lasted a year or more. Perhaps the difference is the other symptoms I have. I don't have enough insight to speculate about why my recovery is different. Maybe it just took that safe feeling that I get from the connectedness of reaching out to let everything my therapist had been saying sink in. Everything makes so much more sense now.
I just think it might be wise to tell potential sufferers that may read this article that there are other ways to healing, too.

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