Dr. Williams,
Thank you so much for this enlightening article.
I also have a practice specializing in the treatment of OCD.
When you state that the worst kind of OCD is that of pedophile-OCD, you are not making an understatement.
The incredibly taboo nature of the obsession is a major hurdle for many OCD patients seeking therapy.
The shame aspect keeps too many people in a prison of the disorder for fear that sharing this fear with a clinician could result in misdiagnosis, misunderstanding, and misguided 'therapeutic interventions' that could result in the patient being delivered to a legal quagmire with family services involvement and the tangles thereof, when in fact, the individual is far from a pedophile. The OCD community and we that are the providers of treatment need more articles like yours bringing this information to the consciousness of the public.
Undoubtedly, there is someone suffering from this particular manifestation of OCD that has read your article and that can now possibly begin to take steps to getting the help that s/he needs to mange this debilitating diagnosis.
I appreciate your work in bringing this disorder the attention it has been sorely lacking.
Dr. Cynthia Giocomarra

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