I am writing a book on this very subject, and I will say that when it comes to studies, men are quite ignored. Honestly, because there is little money in it. Research is focused on women because everyone is looking for an excuse to give women more and to leave men behind. In the 2010 CDC report, Mary Koss decided to not make "Force to Penetrate" a form of rape, which it should be, just so she could say the problem of rape was primarily a gendered one. Cathy Young for an article for Time magazine took these results and placed "Forced to Penetrate" in the rape category to demonstrate that men and women get raped in nearly equal numbers.

I remember a commercial on TV that said 1 in 4 of the homeless population is women and something needs to be done to help them. No mention of men at all, despite being the other 3 out of 4. This is proof that putting women first hurt men, rather than keeping men and women equal to each other and helping them both. Feminism will state that women have more special needs than men, and that by helping women first, we will solve problems for men automatically.

I've read many studies for writing my book, and when they do pay attention to males, the studies often start with a conclusion and work backwards, using unethical methodology to prove their points, and the study seems to get approved. I believe a study was done in Italy, where they measured boys and girls reaction to violent media. Two unethical things they did was not test the children before showing the media, and second they took boys in special classes for being disruptive in class to watch violent media, and noted they were "affected by the media". We don't know if they were already like that before then, but the conclusion was that boys were more affected by violent content than girls were.

Boys and men are excluded from the conversation unless the conversation comes to be about who to blame for the problem girls and women have, or to criticize behaviors of males as Toxic Masculinity. It seems from you writing that you are just on the the tip of an giant iceberg, which is primarily submerged and hidden from view.