Yes Marty most people would worry as that is statistically normal. But normal is not necessarily good, ideal, or healthy. If I had to wait on a biopsy I would prefer to be abnormal and NOT worry over what I could not control than be normal and worry. Controlling our reactions to grim out outcomes is not easy but well worth doing. Your statement “Most people have emotions that are stronger than will” belies your doubt in the relationship between attitudes and emotional consequences. But the Stoics would argue that you largely determine your emotional reaction. The default reaction of the human is to worry. However, with work and practice you can learn to discipline your mind to control which is under your control which is your attitude towards adversity however grim it may be. What most people would do is worry but if you cultivate your conviction in the idea that we largely disturb ourselves you could have healthy concern not worry. It is not easy but well worth doing!