Anonymous wrote:

It's difficult to imagine a romance-seeking asexual finding a partner in today's dating scene without using a level of deception.

Quite the contrary, if you use deception and say you want sex, then you'll attract only those you don't want. So be totally open about yourself and state clearly that you are looking only for people without a sexual relationship. Then only those who want that will reply.


An asexual is neither gay nor straight. At what point do they inform an interested person that they don't desire sex with males or females?

As soon as possible, just like a gay person or a straight person would want to make it clear right up front what they are interested in. Can you imagine a gay person deceiving people that they are straight just to meet people? That would be dumb, because they'll only get straight responses.


It would be unethical to pose as a person with conventional sexual interests in order to trap a partner.

Not only unethical, but just plain dumb and counterproductive.