It's 2015 n Im wondering about the current status of the video game research w the eighth graders and CBCT use for young parents. It is yet a part of Anger Management? I live where Ive had opportunity to observe young couples w young children. I see and hear their struggles, emotional, financial etc. I hav a strong interest in this plight of moving toward a more compassionate world. I hav a health issue which limits me to an extent but l ignore that as much as poss. I'd like to be of service within my encounters and be involved in any forums on the subject...all tho some young people are not open to discussion. Any more info on use with Autistics? The couple upstairs has a fearless little 18mo girl and a wonderful high-functioning autistic 4or5 yr son who is sweet and thoughtful and has daily "meltdowns". Im so relieved to hear these discussions and actions are taking place. Thank you so much!

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