My boyfriend loves his alone time. He does his thing all night long, then sleeps in the daytime. He has never had a job and he's 28 -.-... I work and also have lots of hobbies, he shares none of them. He does watch some tv shows, but those are not fullfilling for me at all. I love doing stuff with my hands, creating, socializing. whilst he's a loner. When we're together we get along fine, because there is still alot of attraction, but I don't know if that's enough. 2 years together already, and I feel this is going nowhere. He lives a couple of blocks away from me (sic!) and he still prefers to have facebook conversations than coming over to see me. We see each other almost every day, but for no more than 2 h max. This is going downhill, he does nothing with his life and it's becoming a big turn off, but how do I just leave? I talked to him about this stuff, numerous times, but nothing changes... Please, I need advice.