There are things we can do. None of these will be popular by any stretch of the imagination.
1. We can bring back Pro Choice full swing! This sounds very inhumane given this is an article about Teenagers, but deep in this story lies the lack of choice or ability to make a choice about contraception. Don't get me wrong, I am full Christian and lean towards the right politically, but that isn't the issue. These kids are in that position because as a society we want to force morale opinions on people without thinking about, or dealing with the consequences of those implications.

2. Education. Laughable doesn't even begin to describe the depth at which our society has deteriorated to. More and more we are hacking our youths mind and telling them what to think and how to believe rather than how to learn and use their strengths to the best of their ability. This is condemnation on anyone who depends on this system.

3. Care for the Widows and fatherless. Following those 2 fixes, which are major fixes, and only following those 2 fixes, this is where our Non Profits and Churches should be stepping up. Instead of building buildings and more private schools, and the Pastors residence, why not build a home that does what I just described. Why not build and haven for the troubled to come to. Catholic, Christian, Muslim, Atheist, I don't care. Instead of fighting over who's right, go help the citizens of the world.

You do the first 2 things and the title of this article becomes "What to do if You are a Homeless Youth" rather than what should we do about it. We aren't proud of our system and what it has become, and there is good reason why. You do the last one, and you irradiate unwanted homelessness. Period.