How is believing that there's no discrimination problem for blacks an expression of prejudice? You may disagree with the opinion, but it's not evidence of prejudice.

This whole thing is a bit of a joke. Apparently the legacy of the great con artist Adorno still lives on. Serious scholarship on these issues approaches them from the big five perspective, where relative degrees of openness and conscientiousness are assessed. That though is an honest and impartial framing that wouldn't allow you to smear those you disapprove of with socially stigmatizing epithets, like prejudice and dominance.

There is also incidentally an extensive scholarship, rooted in William Hamilton's mathematical proof in his 1975 paper, that addresses the evolutionary fitness of ethnocentricism when threatened with replacement by a sufficiently genetically distant ethnicity. If you were interested in serious scholarship, and actually understanding the social forces you pretend to be interested in, you would study that literature rather
than using this frivolous research to score cheap partisan points.