Eng. 101. Unless you report equally on the the upsides and downsides of both left and right wing perspectives, you have a bias and incomplete writing piece here.

The article author has 21st century confused with 1960’s when it was true that hippies questioned authorities, but now the liberal left have dominated all major aspects of our society (mainly media, the support of major companies, and education) with a threatening stance— Shaming anybody who disagrees with them. Kind of like this article. Lol.

The leading “authorities” are the media where people get soundbytes of info and everybody is attached to some form of smart device/phone where the media dominates. Right bucks the media bias all the time. How’s that for questioning the single biggest influencing authority in our lives today?! I’m a former liberal because what you’re not including in this article is societal authority. This big umbrella system over all of us. When people don’t rock the boat on societys norms like blindly accepted that killing babies is ok because somehow it is enmeshed into our societal norm as a right. It’s not ok (from experience). Or that the liberal left public education system wants parents and kids to toe the line of obedience. As a parent, I call B.S. on them all the time.

Time to update your perspective!