At least these smart children got one thing very right, which is "women lacked leadership ability or were unqualified". Kudos for that!!!
I guess some obvious truths in Life cannot be hidden well, despite the endless deceptive attempts in doing so.

Soon, many of these children will also realise that women in America are unable to achieve "success" in politics or in obtaining any leadership positions for that matter, despite constantly getting everything "handed to them on a silver platter", often at the expense of depriving qualified men of the respective positions or roles. Nonetheless, while this may reveal the "true potential of American women" to some intelligent kids, but it is bound to insidiously encourage most girls to get accustomed to the mentality that tends to indulge and perpetuate the feeling of being a "victim".
This will not only further reinforce the "toxic culture" that "glorifies" the exploitation of this so called permanent "victimhood" state of women to sustain success in life, but might also overtly normalise this undesirable behaviour as an acceptable norm in society.

The inevitable detrimental consequences of perpetuating such unenviable social norm will ironically, not only help exacerbate the DISempowerment of women in the long run that will always cast doubts on women's future progress, but also help further intensify the overall resentment towards women on the whole in "modern" societies. Subsequently, this will cause worsening of the already deepened 'gender chasm' in these societies, giving rise for the notable proliferation of more "anti-women" political groups especially established by revolting young men as an expected social reaction, as commented too by another person here.
Such societal changes, if left unchecked for long, has the grave danger of causing the collapse of even the greatest cultures and civilisations, which has been observed throughout mankind's history time and time again in this world.

So, yes teaching the children the current political circumstances is rather important but it's also crucial to inform children of the possible outcomes in the future, if certain political issues are left to continue indefinitely, after all it's these children's future which will be at stake.