Children that watch the Democratic presidential debates will see the candidates compete with each other to be the champions of women, and not express any concern for men or male issues, such as the four-times-greater male suicide rate.

Children will learn that the Democrats created the Office of Women's Health back in 1995, but didn't do anything comparable for men's health, then or since, despite the shorter average male life expectancy.

Children will learn that only men are required to register for the military draft, and only men are subject to conscription, yet Hillary Clinton has said that women are the primary victims of war.

Children will also learn that Democrats also passed the Violence Against Women Act, by not permitting men's groups to present the research evidence that women batter men as often as the converse.

Boys in school will learn that other boys have been arrested at school after being falsely accused of sexual assault by mean girls, who accused them simply because they disliked the boy.