Kent, you are missing the obvious: men are not getting married, out of fear of being destroyed in divorce court. Divorce happens 50% of the time, and women initiate divorce 70% of the time. Augustine Kposawa found that men's post-divorce suicide risk increases EIGHT times, but remains unchanged for women. So, men are avoiding marriage (and therefore divorce) like the plague that it is.

The destruction of men in divorce court is unofficial policy caused by feminism and Title IV-D of the Social Security Act (which offers matching Federal funds for State child support collections. To get maximum child support collected, denial of custody for men must be implemented).

For further insight into this subject, go to youtube and search for "Corrupt Attorney Leslie Levy Requests YouTube Conceal Her Crimes". You will watch a county prosecutor encourage a roomful of (female) divorce lawyers to NOT have their clients bring accusations of abuse to the cops, but to instead raise them in divorce court for maximum leverage.

After you watch that, search Youtube for "Lawyer Admits Child Support is for Lawyers NOT Kids? Title IV-d?" You will watch a lawyer arguing against joint custody, because he admits that child support funds collected funds the State's food stamps program.

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