I always say "Let's go dutch". One feminist replied, after giving me a look that could have stripped the paint off my car, That's fine, we're just friends anyway".

The problem with feminists is that they see equality as a one-way street. They are entirely unconcerned with the inequalities that men face. Being around them is like being in a non-stop arm wrestling match.

Marriage was near-universal because of the symbiotic relationship men and women had. Divorce was rare for the same reason. With the rise of feminism, the divorce rate went from 10% to 50% overnight...then men started walking away.

Single women, of course, had and kept their own wages. Part of the fraud of feminism is that single women have historically out-earned single men, and that has been the case since the 1950s.

The reality here is that women want a high-income man to take care of them, so that they can stay home with the children. Problem is that single men have jumped off the corporate fast track, in part because of the rampant discrimination against men. So, women go without husbands because of their frustrated expectations.

The only women I will personally be around are female MRAs. They understand what men go through, and support us. In turn, we adore them. That's a return to the old concept of male and female symbiosis. Very rare in the age of feminism.

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