This analysis is spot on .
It’s puzzling that this article in Psychology Today did not come with disclaimers and balanced comments such as
All Research Findings mentioned herein are yet to be conclusively established for human beings !
It’s a frightening scenario if one pays attention to the Devil which lies in medical research methodology and malafide intent which is difficult to establish.
Since most of the medical research is shrouded in secrecy, confidentiality agreements between the research financiers and the researchers .
How come cholesterol is no longer the villain it was made out to be ?
How come blood sugar readings to be considered as normal or Pre diabetic have been tweaked again?
After millions of dollars worth of diabetes drugs have been prescribed to unsuspecting patients ?
It’s a grave situation.
The Branwen Analysis is truly remarkable and indicates a deep understanding of fraudulent medical research and deeply flawed standards of medical ethics .

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