Mouse models rarely pertain to humans, especially in psychology. The misrepresentation of the importance of mouse models has set any scientific research back decades. The fact remains that these disorders are still misunderstood, and the more destructive behaviors barely recognized by these self described experts. These disorders are a convenient and destructive labels that lead to even more psychological abuse. Due to billing requirements, and pharma influence on researchers, these diagnosis were very often wrong. Sites and researchers like this peddle pseudo science. No research was ever done on how people with these disorders got even worse with the medications they hype here, as they seek pharma funding for their research.

The US has a serious problem, called "Academic Capture." Essentially the corporations that fund academic research, control the methods and the outcomes. This has led to a serious problem with misinformation and lies in so much of the cited research.

It is a fact that these self described experts, have no more insight into any of these disorders, than they did 50 years ago. They have however found ways to use these diagnosis to justify the over medication, and deaths of thousands. These disorders were conveniently attached to survivors or rape and long term childhood abuse. Thanks to sloppy unscientific research and attributing mouse modes to human behavior articles like this tend to mislead the public and reinforce some dangerous ideas in psychology.
Not one of these "researchers" ever thought about the ethics of the misapplication of these physiological labels. There is an ugly almost genocidal take on how these disorders are described. Not one of these researchers, who took money from pharma, and made these disorders so vague, that nearly any trauma survivor could be diagnosed, and medicated, ever evaluated how these labels are used in practice.

The US is the land of alternate facts, contained in profit driven research. There is even a word for it, "Experimercial." None of the drugs they mention here have any effect on these disorders, unless death and ruined lives are researched, but that was inconvenient. In psychology, adverse or negative outcomes are not counted, in the research.

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