Another great one Peter,

Although I hated school and it never made any sense to me, it erased any real passions, as it so efficiently does, so I collected the G.I.Bill by attending the local teachers college. After being stamped "certified teacher", I wasted 10 years teaching in every experimental program I could find and climbed the degree ladder, naively assuming that some where, some how, there was something about compulsory schooling, that made sense.

I eagerly read all of John Holt and his "Growing Without Schooling" newsletter; John Taylor Gatto and others, who beat on the defenseless, though totally entrenched system and clearly defined it as hopeless; however, you are stating why the system is hopeless, more concisely than most.

So, is it possible for someone who reads and absorbs what you are saying, to remain in the system, while retaining their sanity and integrity? Since most of us have spent a good part of our lives, in this insane dance, how would you, as a high school teacher (who has not been fired or threatened for questioning the system) speak honestly to your students, about this huge educational lie most have swallowed? For those that have left the system, how can they contribute toward a better way of raising young people? Thanks, Dick

Dick Gallien
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Prison bars do the confining, allowing the prisoner a mental freedom not possible in schools, where an endless barrage of assignments, lectures, questions and tests, serve the same purpose, under the guise of education, while distracting as efficiently as the cracking of whips, keeping the imprisoned from discovering and pursuing their passions, or noticing that there are no real bars------and by the time they might realize the purpose of their confinement, it is too late.

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