Dr. Heshmat,

I very much appreciate your summary Sir! I've been a behavior/evolutionary closet economist for years and can appreciate every item you listed.

To add one that I run into all the time, is the belief that you are correct...no matter how much evidence there is against your opinion. Recently, I was having a debate with a family member in which I was 100% sure of the answer. He completely disagreed and said: Prove it. And I said, ok, let's Google it. And his reply was: Google is bunk. I asked him what source he would accept and at that point he picked up his toys and went home. As they say, people don't believe in what they see, instead, they see what they believe.

I've always made it a point to try to see the world for what it is, not in the one that I want to exist. Give me the facts and I'll work it out.

Again, Thank you for the wonderful summary!