While related, there is a difference between Art and Creativity. Art is about expression while Creativity involves the use of the imagination or original ideas. One may be quite Artistic without being particularly creative, and one may be Creative without being particularly Artistic. The craft of any Art-form can be distinct from the creativity which may- or may not- underscore the expression.

Football coaches are notoriously conservative and myopic: if something works, they are loathe to change. New ideas and approaches with efficacy can abound yet be utterly ignored in favor of other approaches that have worked previously. Eventually, some of these new perspectives may be incorporated, but its is amazing- and down right artistic- the commitment that many successful coaches have to a LACK of creativity.

In the end, any process is all about the doing, which itself is about being the one who does. I like to think of it as an exploration into the duality of a coin that has two sides.

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