Do a search of the evil lientist Ancel Keys. Prior to this charlatan (bought by the sugar/corn lobby), Americans were mostly not overweight. Most fat people today should not be fat. Their only fault is ignorance fostered by the corrupt fast/convenience (so called) "food" industry. If your grandmothAncel Keyser would not recognize it, then don't eat it! There IS a problem with discrimination against fat people. It is not nice, but it is simply a symptom of a systemic (societal) cause that is not being seriously addressed. The (not nice) discrimination should be used as a driver to address the underlying cause. And for the rest (minority), there are other legitimate medical and/or psychological reasons for fatness which need professional help, and an understanding society. But for the vast majority it is bad diet and lack of physical activity: things that go directly against millions of years of evolution. If you try to fight evolution, you will lose (and become fat). [Note that I use the word "fat" rather than "overweight" as the latter is an attempt to understate/disguise/minimize a very serious structural problem with society and the way it is currently organized]