I think Stosny's article is much more nuanced than most of the comments here are interpreting it. I didn't get from Stosny that we don't have a need for human company, quite the opposite in fact. He can speak for himself but I've read much of his work and would absolutely disagree with how some people have interpreted this article, especially what he is saying about validation.

>In adult interactions, validation must be mutual and respectful of differences in perspective.

He, like many psychologists is saying, in my opinion, is that too many adults have never really grown up and it's holding back our ability to thrive in life. Yes, validation is important, but too many adults aren't capable of validating others because we're too busy seeking validation of their own perspective (an immature one at that). A good relationship is dependent upon two healthy adults being able to stand on their own two feet. The ability to self-validate is essential to having the capacity to validate others differing experiences.