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"This is not a civilized world." ... Throughout any age of humanity from the dawn of our race to now, we've had the same problems: poverty, tribal/racial division, violence, rich vs. poor, etc. The outer shell changes. The technology changes. The way we govern changes. Humanity does not change. Every now and again in the course of human events, a spiritual leader shows up to remind us all that we are supposed to love one another. And what do we do? We kill that person. MLK, Jesus, Gandhi (was mercilessly assaulted), JFK, etc. We murder our heroes then ask "Why is the world the way it is?" The world has never been civilized because human beings aren't civil. We are tribal, live in fear of one another, and think the worst of one another. We are now in the very infancy of a new era where people en masse are waking up to how brutal we've been to one another and how we really can become better, more evolved, less violent people. The next 50 years are crucial. If we do it right, in a century, we'll start to have technological solutions that provide food, housing, and anything else that the billions living off of less than $1/day simply don't have. The Great Imbalance is that the wealthy nations are wealthy because in the current system, the poor must be oppressed for the wealthy to have what they have. Protests, wars, and fights won't solve any of it. Only internal spiritual and psychological transformation will do the trick and finally show humans that we need each other, that we are fundamentally the same, and that there is more than enough abundance for everyone to live well. The shift has just begun, which is why all the Old Capitalists in their 70s and 80s are doubling down. They sense that the generations below them don't want to live in the world the Old Capitalists made. They have another vision. So, in order to survive and to appear powerful, when in fact their very life force leaves their bodies faster and faster every second, the Old Capitalists double and triple down, turning anyone who disagrees with them into their enemy. This is why authoritarian rule is on the rise in the world. We have a period of turbulence ahead but finally, all will come to see the misery and wreckage that purple, unchecked greed causes at every level from individual to planetary. So, if you feel out of place, you're not. You're just ahead of the curve. The rest of the human goobers are in the dark. There will be a time in which all notions of individual gain is irrelevant as we are revealed the truth: we are one race and as such we are at once individuals and a collective. When one suffers, we all suffer. When one is fed, we all are fed.

Very well written...I agree with many of your views. This should be an article in itself. "When you feel out of place but you're not" really hit home for me. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and truths. I think it's refreshing.

One point you touched on I feel is so important that may feel insignificant to some...
Humanity is consistently egocentric thoughout time, but not everyone individually is egocentric, there are the greats that were assinated when they wanted the best for everyone. I look around and i'm noticing more people do kind things for each other... and that brings hope for our current world. Being "awake" is so crucial for the future generations.

We should try to break old patterns now simply by being kinder, more courteous to one another, no matter our physical appearances or social equivalence. If people practiced more simple daily kindness & empathy... ex. hold open a door for someone, let the person who has a handful of items-about to drop them (and you have a cartload) in front of you. Be courteous when you drive...some people have other people/children/pets/conditions/etc. in the car and can't drive like their car is a racecar...Being aware and putting others first is a small example that is a catalyst for bigger changes... and to quit rushing so much so we can acknowledge other people as equal human beings... our egos just have to be able to understand it's not a personal attack if someone doesn't say thank you or reciprocate at all. Just don't expect anything back with kindness, that's the hard part. Our ego taking something personally, which could make us resistant to helping someone in the future because no reward for kind actions? Then some people are like why bother? or are worried about what other people will think if they talk to that person who's different than them.

We are so capable of many small or simple things that could improve a bigger mindset culturally.

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