Marriage doesn’t get easier, it's the everyday challenges that makes it beautiful. on the 18th year of our marriage my husband left home for over 7 months and when he returned he told me that he is in love with another woman and he wanted a divorce, this caught me by surprise i was speechless for minutes, a week later he filled for a divorced wanted the marriage over. We have two lovely kids and he was ready to throw everything away for another woman, i needed help so much then i found prophetess who had the power to restore marriage. I made contact with her and told her what was wrong and she promised to fix it in few days’ time. I did as she asked me and after 8 days time, my husband came home on his knees asking me to forgive him that he wanted me back into his life and wasn't ready to go with the divorce anymore. I’m so happy and thankful for what the prophetess did for me and I want everyone who need help to get it from her, she is truly a life and home saver. Contact her for help.