I live in the UK and am just about to celebrate my 60th birthday but for twenty of those years I was fighting to get answers for why my health and my life were falling apart at the seams only to eventually find that I was quite literally falling apart at the seams thanks to faulty collagen thanks to the rare but often under diagnosed genetic disorder Ehlers Danlos Syndrome.

When I first fell ill back in 1990 I was a very successful businessman earning in excess of $100,000.00 (at that time) with nice house in a good neighborhood and a wife and two children and everything else that comes with such success.

All that would change in the swing of a golf club on the 9th tee during my weekly game of golf and the six months or so that followed it which ended with a referral to see a psychiatrist and sadly also with that the loss of my marriage, family, house and every last shred of my self respect.

My homepage tells the story more fully, but essentially it was I and not the doctors who correctly identified the cause for my multiple and seemingly unconnected symptoms many of which were written off as being somatic and if my story can help others not having to suffer the same fate please feel free to use it as an example of why this change to DSM5 needs to be reviewed and preferably removed unless it is revised along the lines being discussed here.

Thank you again for this opportunity to have a voice not least as it took 20 years to get heard first time round.

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