If you are serious about merit, there has to be agreement that all people should have an equal shot. That means no donors kids, no legacies and no affirmative action. Fix the schools that feed the universities and drop the assumption that minority kids are too dumb to compete. No excuses for K-12 failure. If kids can't get into the college, they don't get in. Stop descriminating again Asian students. If Harvard is 42% Asian, so what? In NYC, for example, the Asian community is among the poorest, if not the poorest. Our social engineering has failed blacks especially and we need to start over and stop papering over the problems with lower expectations and preferential treatment. Does any think that actually helps? It is liberal arrogance and is incredibly condescending. Let's make the call for real meritocracy and raise all kids up, not just rig the game so progressives can feel good about themselves while achieving nothing.