I just wanted to say thank you. I've read two of your articles now that have helped me immensely - incredibly well written. It seems at times I have been able to somewhat implement the techniques you've recommended and had considerable benefit - I imagine it's all a matter of actually calming down to do so (lol) - but now - after having you lay out the details so beautifully - it makes sense - it's like a map to follow when I can't quite remember the road I took before (in the heat of the moment - I've forgotten at times... ouch) - I've just ordered your book online. I really thought I should thank you personally though - this is the first time I've read such articles about relationships (something I've struggled with - I'm on my second marriage now - I've got an amazing guy right now who loves me - I don't want to mess this one up!) and your advice is... different - and more applicable to my situation than anything I've read yet. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!