This has been happening since time immemorial. A woman should be ashamed to get involved with a married man. Knowing he is married is all you need to know. What it is, is a woman wants to see herself as oh-so-special. That she is so superior to the wife. Until she finds out she is not. What she is in reality is a slut. Even if he were to leave his wife and marry her, the odds that he will cheat on her are astronomical. That is a kind of poetic justice. The problem is, women will do this to one another, while the guy gets off scot free. The women give him all the options. He will stay with the one who puts up with it. If his wife puts up with it, he will stay with her. If she finds out and kicks him to the curb, he has the affair partner to fall back on and will marry her. If we women would just wise up and stick together on this (don't fall into the sack with a guy until you see the whites of the divorce papers), that would cut down on a whole lot of this bull crap.