I am sorry but this is NOT about what one believes, not believes, thinks, feels, has an opinion on nor is it what one considers to be "politically correct or incorrect"???

The fact of the matter is there are significant intrinsic gender differences in humans, that are not only physical couple with physiological sex differences but also the existence of psychologically, neurological and even pathological including psychiatric sex differences, all supported by science.

Furthermore, the empirical evidence regarding gender differences is not limited instead it's from various scientific fields that includes, advancing studies in neuroscience, accurate neuroanatomy/physiology using latest medical imaging like fMRI, medical genetics, evolutionary biology, recent neurological studies of transsexuality, evolutionary and cross-cultural psychology including our own human evolutionary history--all the evidences point to the one same consensus, that psychological in addition to physical and psychological sex differences in humans exist, is real and significant. In fact, the evidence is very solid and overwhelming convincing.

Example, several fairly recent, large, cross-cultural studies involving many different nations globally, demonstrates sex difference in assessing the Big Five personality traits, like neuroticism; Dark Triad traits, such as psychopathy; and subjective well-being, like self-esteem or depression, contrary to popular view, showed most sex differences are conspicuously larger in cultures with more egalitarian gender roles—such as Scandinavian nations (highest gender equal index in the world).

On the other hand, developing countries often with a more traditional patriarchal social order showed smaller gender differences in personality traits and preferences.
This sex difference in preferences is very notable in selection of job type and position, example, Algeria has more female college graduates in STEM, >40%, compared to Finland & Norway that only have