I've been saying for years that the "small waist = peak fertility" theory is obvious crap. Glad to see people are beginning to catch up.

Take a look at women in primitive foraging societies like we evolved in. By the time they get to peak fertility in the mid-20s they've been through several pregnancies and their waists (and boobs) have gone flabby. If we have evolved to prefer women at peak fertility we would find these flabby stomachs and saggy boobs attractive because that's what peak fertility women would have looked like in ancestral times.

Instead it's the young teenage girls who haven't had a baby yet who are the most attractive. Their waists are smaller and tighter and their boobs are the perkiest.

Because the human mating system revolves around long-term relationships not one-night-stands a girl's long-term reproductive potential is more important than her current fertility. It's just obvious.

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