Dear Dr. Samenow,
You have my deepest sympathy. The pain of losing a dear friend never lessens throughout time. The only consolation is the good memories.Your books and videos have made the greatest impression on me. I completely agree with everything that you postulate. I work at Palomar College and the Criminal Mindset is working full time and being supported in the realm of "Politicol Correctness" . Social Justice Warriors are jumping on the bandwagon and receiving support in their grossly self centered behavior ; pushing intolerance disguised as "virtue signaling".. To further the deterioration of the social fabric of morality, bullying is actually being promoted as "freedom of speech" and this corrupt mindset is sweeping through the California college system like a tsunami wave. I would love for you and Dr Jorden Peterson to talk. He, like you is careful to avoid the psych words like Personality disorders. Dr Peterson has studied "Conduct Disordered" children and, we like you, believe that it is at the ages of 2-4 that an intervention is so critical in the social development of the child. Dr David M. Allen and Dr. Eduardo M. Bustamante are all of the same ilk. These behaviors are NOT a biologically based mental illness but learned maladaptive manipulative behaviors. I am incredibly worried about the negative tilt that the world is taking and I SEE this in FULL COLOR in the college scenario!!! The Disability Resource Centers in Coleges are being over whelmed by Personality Disorders rather than real disabilities like accurately diagnosed bi-polar, palsies, etc.. YOU were the one who carried on with Dr Yochelsons research; how can I be of support to you. I would be honored to have any access that you would allow me to have to help carry on your work.The mental health profession has gone completely AWOL and the mentality is there is always an "excuse" for all the terrible unacceptable behavior and this is causing a breakdown in our colleges. Personality Disorders are all about power and they are not held accountable for the crimes that they commit. I believe that the huge problem of bullying in the workplace is also Personality Disorders. There is a woman in my Department right now that commits crimes; fraud, misrepresentation, lies, etc and then she uses manipulations to ply people like bullying, playing the victim card etc and the overly misplaced empathetic behavior of the supervisors make the situation much worse. The outrageous behavior of this tantrum throwing narcissist has so disrupted the departmental functions that people can't take breaks on time, are deprived of breaks and the staff is forced to pick up the slack of the narcissist because she "has an earache" or is "tired" or is "discriminated against because of her nationality". This person has literally abandoned her job 3 times inthe last month. Criminal Narcissism is a huge issue. Can we talk ?