Dr. Gordon's T.B.I. program not only saved my life but has also given me the tools to finally truly live. Like a lot of us I stumbled upon all of this by accident. I was looking for answers for a long time and had already given up by this point. I was mislabeled with PTSD at 16 years old and again by the state at 25. Both times following a string of TBIs. I accepted what the pill Drs kept telling me because it was an easy fit and sort of made sense. The depression, suicide, irritability, anxiety, insomnia, night terrors, loss of ability to cope etc fell under the category of PTSD but I always wondered about the migraines, throbbing sore joints, ringing in ears, confusion, extreme weight loss, memory loss etc. Which didn't fall into the PTSD category. So I was amazed when I heard Andrew's story on The Joe Rogan Podcast #1056. To not only finally figure out was wrong but to also have a breakthrough treatment program available seemed to good to be true. But it is true. And pretty simple. With Dr. Gordon's protocol my life has improved in all areas. Besides all the symptoms listed above becoming irrelevant and almost forgotten I was able to completely stop taking benzodiazepines after 16 years of heavy use. Take away the pain. No need for drugs. Simple. Dr. Gordon is an extremely committed selfless person who is literally changing the world. My treatment is overseen by Dr. Alison Gordon NMD who has been very understanding, patient and encouraging thru my recovery process. I cant thank them enough. I strongly recommend this treatment to anyone who wants to better themselves and improve their overall quality of life.