I'm never active on social media, I once was, quite some years ago though. I'm aware of the fact that fake news is ground in the rumour mill of the (I call it) Wishing Well of Wonders.
Human psychology creates a virtual world of half truths and half lies, while certain parties related to science, finances, politics and those who build human societies, know too well how to abuse that human condition.

I'm convinced that there's an agenda, invisible in the background, also in the virtual world, where deliberate attempts are made to cover up a blossoming of awareness, to reveal the truth of something, or of circumstances.

Humanity, according to the designers of that agenda, isn't supposed to empower itself by being informed about what's really going on and, as a result, choose a different attitude or direction. For it would mean that control over the masses has come to an end.

And that's what these parties try to prevent at all costs. The name of the game is divide and conquer, the oldest game in warfare.

Many of us would be astounded once the realisation begins to dawn on us how much we're lied to and how much we're manipulated in order to be steered where we're not feeling welcome or comfortable, when we were in circumstances that allowed us to be conscious of our freedom of choice and expression. Depending on likes of others is imprisonment.

Sovereignty and self reflection is given up by many, present in the virtual world, in social media. To be, or not to be in the cloud, that's the question. Online we give our bodies away and we exist solely in our heads, with reigns attached coming from our screens. Who's leading you over the bridle path?