Martin Seligman, "The Father of Positive Psychology" started his career administering electrical shocks to gay teens in order to convert them. He then tortured dogs and came up with some really disturbing conclusions. He believed the tortured dogs were exhibiting 'learned helplessness" a concept that psychologists and psychiatrists latched on to. The same guy later peddled his torture experience to the US Military. He cashed in and came up with Positive Psychology. There are probationers everywhere, it is basically platitudes and referring to "Leaned Helplessness' when they need to place blame. This crap became ubiquitous with the Tech billionaires, and they market it on the Internet, like Multi Level Marketing scheme. Seligman more recently came up with a scheme which he peddled to the VA. He claimed the reason soldiers get traumatized is due to their lack of resilience. Of course not much factual research is available on how well that works. The data tells us that it did not.
Some of us call it Gas Lighting!