Why comment on your "feelings" especially in the work place? Just say, "Hey, when do you think you may be able to get the report to me?". If you want to stress, just add another statement. Blame someone higher is making you do this (with a smile if possible). Sarah (assume that's the manager/CEO/etc) has been on me about getting the report out today, so any help is appreciated. And if they still don't do it, simply escalate and not stress yourself out.

If someone is constantly tardy, then work with them to see how you can help or let them know the consequences, as the case may be. Don't take up their work and complain!

If this is family/life situation then dynamics may be a bit different. If your spouse constantly forgets to pay the bill, then you take it over. If you are over-loaded and have an under-performing relationship then end it and move on. End it nicely, without fear or regret.

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