Keep in mind, Winch, that I'm fighting someone who hypnotized me without my knowledge or consent, only let me know what it was doing when two of its deputies went too far. Even then, it didn't stop, over my repeated, very determined objections.

That means I've been ghosted and gaslighted by a member of your profession, something that you really shouldn't think is something that I'll just accept, especially when someone like you is talking a good line like yours, Winch.

You really shouldn't expect that anybody ever will just accept a violation like that by your profession, Winch.

Even if all I can do is keep stating my objection until I find an ethical practitioner, I've already been doing it long enough that anyone who reads this site should have the understanding that ethical practitioners in psychology must be extremely rare, and no one should trust someone who wouldn't bother to stop an UCCH with something as valuable as their mind.

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